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I recently published a book entitled Green Home Improvement, which contains 65 projects homeowners can do to green their homes, including projects to boost energy efficiency. In that book, I included a project on insulating paint additives. We included a photo of Insuladd, which my photo researcher took. (It’s now posted on your web site, I believe.)

dan-photo1I painted my living room walls and ceiling and my front entry way with your product and have noticed a remarkable difference in the way the room retains heat when the wood stove is operating. I also ran a test of Insuladd’s effectiveness, which I’ve attached to this e-mail. The graph is the result of a study a student and I performed. (It was her science project in 8th grade.) We painted the insides of two large identical cardboard boxes, one with an environmentally friendly wall paint containing Insuladd, the other with environmentally friendly wall paint without Insuladd. We then placed 100-watt light bulbs in each box along with a temperature sensor, then sealed the boxes and plotted temperature every three minutes for 45 minutes. She ran the experiment 20 times, so each data point represents the average of 20 trials.

As you can see, the box painted with Insuladd reached a higher temperature — it was about 15 degrees F higher than the box painted without Insuladd. I thought you might be interested in seeing the results.

dan-photo2Back to the reason I’m writing, I would like to rewrite the chapter on insulating paint additives and submit it with our data and some of yours to Home Power magazine for publication. I was wondering if you have high-resolution images of the infrared photos on your web site and perhaps other images that show the effectiveness of Insuladd that I could submit with this article. The photos on your web site provide very compelling demonstration of Insuladd’s effectiveness.

Thanks for your assistance.
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Dan Chiras
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