BPA SAFETY VENT™ – Reduce Water Intrusion, Roof Deck Uplift Failure, Mold Damage & A/C Costs


For major storms, the BPA SAFETY VENTS are designed to automatically prevent major water intrusion through soffit vents and reduce attic pressures – thereby reducing the severe uplift effects on roof decks that otherwise cause very costly roof and building contents damage.  Also reduces air conditioning energy costs in normal hot weather.


Installed by high-quality, licensed building contractors, The BPA SAFETY VENT™ anchors permanently to solid soffit material – then ventilates naturally 99.9% of the time. When installed to our specifications, provides increased attic ventilation reducing the temperatures and energy consumption. During High Wind Events, the BPA SAFETY VENT™ automatically closes on the Windward side of the structure preventing high wind pressures and water from entering the building through the soffits. On the Leeward side of the structure The BPA SAFETY VENTS™ remain open capturing the low pressures thus equalizing the attic to the low pressures thereby harnessing the power of the storm to help keep the roof intact and water out preventing mold.

The BPA SAFETY VENT™ is a new construction or retrofit product – perfect for hurricane-hardening installations on ventilated attic pitched-roof structures.

The values for the property owner are:

  • Installed in strengthened soffits, reduces water intrusion and subsequent MOLD damage
  • Reduces roof decks tearing off trusses
  • Reduces attic temperatures and peak electricity costs during hot weather periods
  • Reduces roof system damage and consequent home evacuation during rebuild

Soffits and Vents
”Like a roof deck, soffits should be inspected for damage, cracks, weaknesses and deteriorated material. Building standards for soffits have changed for high-wind prone areas and you should check with your local building department to verify current standards. When strengthening the roof-to-wall anchors, you will have to remove the soffits, and it will be the perfect time to replace the soffits and ensure proper installation.”

Make Mitigation Happen – Florida’s Foundation, State Emergency Response Team

Installation Instructions

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