BPA Claw & Strap™ – Reduce Roof Uplift Failure

BPA Claw & Strap

The BPA CLAW & STRAP™ delivers.

Designed to strengthen existing roof systems against tropical storm, hurricane and tornado wind damage, the easy to install BPA CLAW & STRAP™ is the strongest retrofit steel truss-to-wall or rafter-to-wall connector available. It’s an engineered system designed to keep roof trusses and rafters attached to the wall, and the roof on the building in hurricane-force winds.


Installed by quality licensed building contractors, the STRAP anchors permanently to masonry, concrete or wood-framed walls, and the CLAW holds down the wooden cord of the roof truss or rafter – the CLAW and STRAP are screwed together to accommodate the pitch or slope angle of the roof.

This retrofit BPA CLAW & STRAP™ product is easy to install once the weak, flimsy soffits that are prone to cause damage during major storms have been removed and prior to fitting new structurally strong soffit material.


The values for the property owner are:

  • Protect your Home against the risk of Catastrophic Loss from the next High Velocity Wind Event (Hurricanes, Tornados & Tropical Storms)
  • Potentially Providing Wind Storm Insurance Discounts
  • Installed through the soffits, does not require roof removal and replacement saving you thousands in labor & material costs
  • Providing the most Priceless thing of all – Peace of Mind



  •     Strongest roof truss/rafter retrofit connector on the market
  •     Best-suited external retrofit system – Saves in-home disruption and mess
  •     Does Not require roof removal for Roof to Wall Connections
  •     Does not split truss chords – Actually reinforces already split chords
  •     Approved for high-velocity hazard zones
  •     Most cost-effective solution
  •     Qualifies for most insurance premium rebates


Installation Instructions

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