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We are officially in storm season 2011 and while you cannot control whether a hurricane hits, you can control how it affects you and your family. Hurricane expers are urging residents now to get prepared before its too late. Bay News 9’s Summer Smith shows you how one man is strengthening homes to prevent damage in case a storm strikes here in the Bay area.

Bob Stobaugh says even though this home was built in the 80s, if a hurricane hits, it will hold up better than most newer homes. “We’re assuring them that their home will stay safer and drier and the roof will remain on during a hurricane.” Stobaugh with Building Performance Americas says these newly added devices make it possible. He says these Claw and Straps tie the truss to the wall which adds strength and these safety vents will help keep the roof intact during a hurricane. “Its going to keep the high pressure and the moisture out of the attic space and then its also going to capture the low pressure to actually draw the roof down on the structure during a storm.”

Don Hermey, an Emergency Management Officer commends Stobaugh’s efforts. He hopes others are taking hurricane season just as serious. “Now is the time to start going out and picking up materials, doing some research so that you can figure out how to button up your home, how to develop the supply kit.”

Although improvements will cost you initially, there are savings in the long run. For one, you’re safer. Two, most insurance companies will offer savings and discounts for hurricane hardening. According to a 2005 study by the National Institute for Building Sciences, for every dollar spent on mitigation, there is a four dollar savings. Stobaugh says if and when a hurricane hits because of the improvements, this home and the people inside now have a better chance of survival.

In Sarasota, Summer Smith, Bay News 9.

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