The Hurricane Police of Sarasota endorses BPA

The Hurricane Police of Sarasota FL endorses the BPA Strap & Claw.


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Hurricane-Ready: Shielding your home’s soffits from high winds may help save your home

BPA Workshops now Approved for CEU’s

Education-SealThe International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) and The Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation have approved a Course we teach touching on the following topics:

  • High Velocity Wind and Wind Borne Rain as it affects Roof Structures on Buildings in High Velocity Wind Zones.
  • Water Penetration of soffit fenestrations and how this can lead to Mold in the aftermath of High Velocity Wind Events (HVWE).
  • Strengthening and closing off soffits to prevent catastrophic failure during (HVWE).
  • Separation Zones of High and Low Pressures on Roof Structures during (HVWE).
  • Harnessing these low pressures and blocking the high pressures to prevent catastrophic roof damage during (HVWE).
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Home Talk USA Interview 3

Home Talk USA Interview 2

Home Talk USA Interview

Huffington Post article: Mold Damage From Sandy Is Not Likely Covered By Insurance

Mold Damage From Sandy Is Not Likely Covered By Insurance: Report

Amidst the power outages, gas shortages, mass transit shutdowns and school closures left behind in Superstorm Sandy’s wake, there’s one issue few people are talking about, and that’s the cost that homeowners will incur from mold damage.

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90,000 Citizens reports for property-insurance discounts rejected

Inspections kicked back; $50 million added to customers’ bills.

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By Charles Elmore
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Forget a few isolated cases.

More than 90,000 times, Florida’s last-resort insurer Citizens and its contractors rejected reports from inspectors they hired to determine whether customers qualified for property-insurance discounts, an analysis of more than 225,000 inspection records by The Palm Beach Post shows.

The bottom line after reports were kicked back: approximately $50 million in higher bills for customers.

The results have made homeowners furious. For some, annual premiums have doubled.

“This inspection process is a sham and an outrage,” said Harriet Golding of Palm Beach. “They seem to be shaking down their customers and hoping people won’t complain.”

Citizens spokeswoman Christine Turner Ashburn said, “The only purpose of this program is to make certain our policyholders receive the correct credits for the storm damage mitigation features present on their homes.”

Three out of four homeowners have lost credits for building features that harden homes against hurricanes, often raising bills far beyond the regular 1o percent annual rate increases Citizens is allowed by law. The massive campaign has affected about 250,000 homeowners, has raised premiums by more than $137 million and is ongoing.

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Citizens changing rules on wind mitigation credits


Executives from the state-backed Citizens Property Insurance Corp. announced Friday they are making changes with a goal of ensuring homeowners receive storm mitigation credits for qualified homes.

Board Chairman Carlos LaCasa said the new measures are designed to provide some relief to customers upset over disputes on wind mitigation credits that result in higher premiums. It has been a particularly heated issue in South Florida where a large chunk of Citizens’ 1.4 million policyholders live.

“We’re committed to improving the program,” LaCasa said.

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Tropical Storm Debby: Tornado touches down in Pass-a-Grille, one person injured

11:55 PM, Jun 24, 2012

Pass-a-Grille, Florida — Trees and power lines were downed after a tornado associated with Tropical Storm Debby barrelled through the barrier-reef island of Pass-a-Grille, Florida Sunday evening.

The St. Petersburg Beach fire marshall told 10 News that although no deaths were reported from the tornado touchdown, a woman was injured when a roof collapsed on top of her. She is reportedly going to be fine. Another house owned by an 86 and 87-year-old husband and wife had its roof torn off.

Debby was a large tropical cyclone with strong winds and very heavy rain extending a great distance from its center. Widespread flooding and high winds forced authorities to order the closing of the  8-lane interstate highway bridge connecting Tampa, Tampa International Airport, St. Petersburg and areas to Florida’s southwest coast. Thousands of homes and businesses lost electricity.

These photos were taken on July 16, 2012 in Pass-a-Grille showing damage to homes in the wake of Tropical Storm Debby. The missing soffits are proof that aluminum soffits will suck down – and blow out – as a result of the negative and positive pressures associated with tropical wind events. And it doesn’t take hurricane force winds to have damage.

BPA’s Safety Vents saved the day for one Pass-a-Grille homeowner. (Click here to read more)