Protect Your Home from Hurricanes & Tornadoes while preventing Mold.

Your home is the largest investment you may ever make. Making every effort to protect it and your family goes a long way towards peace of mind. Our Hurricane Protection Systems will protect what matters most in your life with a worry-free level of security.
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Hurricane Wind & Rain Damage Mitigation Systems

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BPA Claw & Strap™ – Reduce Roof Uplift Failure

PROPERTY INSURANCE WIND CREDITS Designed to strengthen existing roof systems against tropical, hurricane and tornado wind damage, the easy to install BPA CLAW & STRAP is the strongest retrofit steel truss-to-wall or rafter-to-wall connector of its kind available, and qualify for property insurance wind mitigation credits. read more

Strengthen your Roof to Wall Connection

“The key structural frame connection for most failures was the Roof-to-Wall connection... One of the most important connections in a house is the Roof-to-Wall connection… Toe-nailed roof-to-wall connections, a relatively common building practice in the past, are especially vulnerable to failure…Properly installed Hurricane Straps that connect the roof truss to the wall frame generally provide for adequate resistance to uplift roof failures.”

2008 Florida Residential Wind Loss Mitigation Study – Florida Office of Insurance Regulation

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BPA SAFETY VENT™ – Reduce Water Intrusion, Mold Damage & Roof Deck Uplift Failure

Designed system automatically closes to reduce major storm wind-driven rain entering attics, thereby damaging and causing uninsured mold damage to ceilings, dry-wall and home contents, it reduces roof deck uplift damage, and in hot climates it may reduce air conditioning energy costs. read more

Mold is the Enemy

“What a surprise it was to owners of homes in 2004 & 2005 subjected to the various hurricanes where roofs were fine; but, water that came through soffits caused damage to such an extent that the houses were uninhabitable until mold was mitigated and lots of drywall replaced. Homeowners were bitterly disappointed to learn that water came into homes from soffits (and soffit vents).”

Hurricane Mitigation Guide – Florida Division of Emergency Management

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